15 July 2011

The Prettiest Treasure Chest...

I purchased this amazing makeup kit almost two years ago. Tarte released another one of their infamous limited edition treasure chests. I know they don't sell this anymore (maybe on ebay) but it's too pretty not to show. Contained in this fabulous bejeweled case, are 16 shimmer eyeshadows, 16 matte eyeshadows, 16 lip glosses, a bronzer, highlighter, and 4 blushes. The quality of this kit is amazing. Everything is super pigmented and smooth (some of the products are a little chalky but I don't mind). The kit was a great value too, it was only $52 US. I find the  packaging a little too delicate to travel with. I have to tape it shut before I can take it anywhere.

I put a heart on my favourite shades from this palette!

This is my favourite tray in the whole palette! I love prefer matte finishes with makeup products, but when it comes to eyeshadow, it's shimmer all the way! The colours are so beautiful and feel so silky (none of these are chalky). However some of the colours are so pigmented, they have a lot of fallout. But I find that I can't make a simple neutral eye with these shadows (I'm not complaining because I have lots of other neutral shadows) but it would just be nice if there were some nice champagne and taupe colours.

I am so glad that w whole tray of matte shadows were included in this palette. Most palettes only come with a few (if any). The shadows are super pigmented and really smooth, some of the mattes were a bit chalky. I found the colour selection in this tray to be a bit blah. I rarely use them. Some of the colours look the same on my lids as other colours.

When I first got this palette, I didn't even pay attention to the lip glosses. I mean when you have 32 gorgeous eyeshadows, who would? But after a while I fell in love with them. I wish that more of the colours were creamy rather than glittery.

The other two blushes are way too dark for me, especially the red one. If I wear it, I turn into a clown. The highlighter is really frosty but in a good way, it gives an intense glow. It's like the powder version of Benefit's Highbeam. Unfortunately the bronzer shattered but I transfered it into another container. I'm not that upset because it was quite frosty and I prefer matte bronzers. I found this whole tray to be way too shimmery, they should have included some matte cheek colours.

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