8 July 2011

Necklaces, Rings, & Pins... Oh My!

These are some of my favorite pieces of jewelry... Though you might want to take a look!

Lovely Necklaces
Out of everything, necklaces are my are my #1 go to jewelry piece. They can even make a simple outfit, like a t-shirt with jeans, look stylish.

Heart Necklace - Forever 21
Ribbon Necklace - Joe Fresh
I love jewelry that has that antique-ish gold colour. I also love jewelry that is partially made out of fabric. I find it to be super feminine.

Fish Necklace - Aldo Accessories 

I can't stop wearing this pendant necklace, it's just so unique. My favourite parts are the double chain and the big blue eye!

Purple Tear Drop Ring - Gift from Grandma
Everything above was costume jewelry. This ring is real silver and amethyst! It really is the perfect cocktail ring.

Bird Pin - Vintage


  1. I love the fish necklace!! I have one like an owl kinda similar to your fish one, and it's my favorite!!! I love necklaces too, and your right, I always wear a simple tee or tank with some jeans but dress it up with a huge pendant necklace or some other accesories.

  2. @Brandi Faye ♥

    The fish is my favourite necklace by far! Actually pendant necklaces in general are my fave. An owl pendant seems cool, i'm going to have to see if i can find one.

  3. I love pendant necklaces too, i like others but to me pendant necklaces are really bold. I actually have a fabric necklace also but I dont know how to pull it off. It just always seem like to much or it just never fits with what Im wearing.

  4. I like the nude collection it looks fun but to exspensive for my pocketbook. I love your photos great job on the illustration.