13 July 2011

An attempt at Gradient Nails...

I usually stick to cream nail polishes. No shimmer, no glitter, just pure lacquer. However I was getting quite bored with my regular nail regime and opted to try something new. First I tried marble nails, let's just say that was a fail. While trying marble nails I came across a cool way to get gradient nails. As you can see, they didn't come out that well. But I'm sure with practice they will start looking much better. I'm somewhat of a perfectionist so I removed the nail polish right away, I didn't even get a chance to do the other hand. But a made sure I took a picture!

1. Painted my nails with a lavender polish. Base coat, two layers, waited until nails were completely dry!
2. Filled a small cup up with room temperature water.
3. Using a cotton swab, rubbed hand lotion around my fingers (everywhere except for the nails). This prevents the nail polish from sticking to the skin.
4. Put a drop of teal nail polish into the cup with water.
5. Dipped my finer right into the teal polish (held it in the water for 20 seconds).
6. Repeated those steps with the rest of my nails.

The nails colours that i used were Revlon - Bubblegum and, Gosh - Ocean (I think the named has been changed though). I love Gosh nail polishes, they have the most gorgeous colours but they get goopy quite fast. The Revlon one is one of those scented when dry, the smell just nauseates me.

On another note, I decorated a wall in my room! I bought these stick-on words at an art show almost two years ago. I just found them in the back of my closet the other day and decided to hang them up. They're so pretty. I wish I would have purchased more of them.

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  1. I've never seen someone try gradient nails before. What a cute idea!