6 August 2011

Cargo Blu_Ray Review...

I was at Winner's the other day and came across this awesome kit from Cargo Cosmetics for a steal! This is the first time I've ever tried anything from the Blu_Ray line and let me just say I am thoroughly impressed. This line from Cargo is supposed to be a 'camera ready' line, hence the cool name of Blu_Ray.

Lets start of with the whole reason I bought the kit, the gorgeous blush/highlighter in peach shimmer. All I can say is that this is my new favourite powder blush. The colour is a really soft peachy pink with a hint of golden shimmer. The blush is very finely milled and is quite pigmented. I find that this blush is buildable and kind of hard to overdo (unless you try really really hard, you won't end up looking like a clown). This is definitely one product that I would repurchase over and over again.

Cargo Blu_Ray Blush/Highlighter - Peach Shimmer - $27

The second product that came in the kit was the Blu_Ray bronzer. This bronzer, just like the blush, is made up from a very finely milled powder. Since this bronzer is so pigmented and slightly orange toned I have to be very careful when applying it. One sweep too many and I will end up looking like I belong Jersey Shore. I do like this bronzer and will continue to use it. But when I finish it (if that time ever comes) I will not repurchase.

Cargo Blu_Ray Bronzer - $30

Next up is the Cargo Blu_Ray High Definitoin Lip Gloss in Belize. At first glance I wasn't too excited about the colour, it kind of looks like a muted brownish red. However when I put it on, it was a perfect 'my lips but better' colour. The formula is not sticky at all. The main reason why I despise lipgloss (okay I just don't like it) is because of the stickiness factor, but this lipgloss is smooth. Plus it has just the right amount of shimmer and gloss, nothing too overboard. I am definitely going to look at more of the lipgloss shades in this line.

Cargo Blu_Ray High Definition Lip Gloss - Belize - $24
The lipgloss has a sponge tip applicator that is soft, not rock hard like a dollar store lipgloss.

Lastly we have the Cargo Blu_Ray Mascara. Before I opened the tube I was expecting some HD brush, and when I say HD I mean big and bold. When I actually opened it I was like "what the heck is that?!" As you can can see below the mascara wand is actually a Barbie sized hair comb in disguise. This mascara doesn't really do much for my upper lashes but for my lower lashes it's great! The tiny combed wand can coat my lower lashes without making a mess. I don't think this mascara is water-proof but it doesn't transfer onto my face by the end of the day, which is a good thing. I will use this mascara for my lower lashes only and when I'm done I will not repurchase because it ain't that special.

Cargo Blu_Ray Mascara - $20
Look at this wand! Not what I expected at all.

Here are some swatches for you.

Overall I'm super impressed with this line from Cargo and can't wait to add some more Cargo products into my makeup collection. 

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