13 August 2011

Battle of the Cheek Stains...

Benetint and Posietint are two of the most coveted Benefit beauty buys. Targeted towards being the ultimate cheek & lip stain, these bad boys create a flushed look from within. I picked these miniature sized bottles up at Sephora, they came in a little pack that also included a sample sized version of Highbeam. The mini trio was only $18 CAD ($15 US). The full sized bottles are $36 CAD ($28 US). Both these cheek stains are quite nice, but which one is better?

Both cheek stains come in a nail polish bottle and are both equipped with a brush tip applicator. I find the packaging quite adorable. Compared to other Benefit products the packaging on these cheek stains are much simpler, actually quite a nice change.

Benetine appears red in the bottle but when blended out it's a soft dark fuchsia. Posietint is a bright almost neon like poppy pink, but when blended out it becomes a softer version of itself. Both colours are really flattering shades however on my skin tone Posietint looks much healthier and brightens the face. Benetint on the other hand enhances the red patches on my skin (not so flattering). However Benetint is gorgeous as a lip stain. Since this is a stain it is quite drying, so you will need to apply a lip balm or gloss afterwards. Since Posietint is significantly lighter than Benetint, it doesn't show up on my ever so pigmented lips. It gives a very subtle hint of colour, unlike benetint which gives a bold dose of colour.

The consistency of both products is the one thing that makes one of these cheek stains stand out more than the other. Benetint is very watery and if you are not quick to blend this in, you will have streaks on your face (again, not so flattering). Posietint has a much better consistency, it's much thicker than and it had the feeling of a gel product. I prefer this consistency far more than the watery consistency of Benetint.

Both cheeks stains swatched and blended out 
Overall Posietint wins!!! It has a much nicer colour, much better consistency, and in my opinion way cuter packaging! When I finish both of these mini bottles (which won't be for a very long time, a little goes a long way) I will definitely be repurchasing Posietint. As for Benetint, I'll leave that one on the shelf.


  1. I really want to get posie tint and the highlighter high beam xx

  2. @Fariha

    I would completely recommend both those products to you! Even though they are kind of expensive they will take you forever to use up.

  3. In love with posie tint.....can't wait to own one after reading your reviw...


  4. i saw these at sephora and was actually debating getting them or not. i mainly wanted it for high beam. i came across your blog from coffee house and followed! i hope you can follow back? i'm still new at this (:
    x. J